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Land Investments: Financing

How do I finance my land investment? Most banks provide for a loan amount of 50-70%. Again it depends on the type of land and what is its intended purpose as well as the buyer’s profile. Banks award financing based on the potential profitability the land would...

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Land Investment: Due Diligence Process

How can investors analyse the feasibility of a plot of land and what are some of the mandatory due diligence one should carry out? I have actually developed a 10-step feasibility framework which has proven to work for all my land ventures in prime areas within the KV....

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Land Investement: Why and How

Why land investing? • Raw land is a limited resource; even in Malaysia where land is abundant; not all are suitable for development due to geographical constraints. The only way to ‘create’ land is to embark on reclamation, which is complicated and...

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Land Sub-divison, Partition, Amalgamation and Conversion

a) Sub-division An application to the Land Office to sub-divide the land into two or more portions with seperate title. Meaning, if you own 10acres of land, you can sub-divide it into 1acre per title, and you will have 10 titles with you. Bear in mind that nothing...

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Land Dealings

This is important when you intend to buy land. Normally in building properties we deal with non-bumi and bumi lot. To land, it is generally the same thing. Anything from TL, *CL and PL are to be trade freely among Malaysian (all races) and foreigners (with conditions...

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Classification of Land Title and Land Usage

The common land title in Malaysia is: a) Town lease (TL) – Generally the land classified within town area. Leases are to be 99, 60 or 30 years. b) Country lease (CL) -- also know as mixed zone – Land classified outside town area. Leases are to be...

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