About Us

Acre.my is a company dedicated in bringing the best land deal for everyone. Unlike any resources which could be made obsolete by technology, land and time is the only scarcity human face. Land is the best tools to preserve wealth

Why invest in land?

  • Higher profits
  • Less risk
  • Greater flexibility for maximizing value
  • Easier and simpler investment management
  • Land is a finite resource
  • Land increases in value due to demand outstripping supply.

Why list your land with us?

  • No listing fee hence small land owner are welcome to list your land here.
  • We help you to get interested buyers, investors or partner to develop the land with you.

Educate yourself

Do you know that you can but an acre of land for less than RM25K, it is even cheaper than a car!

Land Investment is so rare in Malaysia because buyers face the problems:

  1. Lack of knowledge in financing a land deal
  2. Lack of knowledge in land investment
  3. Lack of a source for numerous land supply
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Acre.my is here to serve you.

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